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Members of the Council benefit in the following ways:

  • Rate Increases: Regularly, the Council has been very successful in securing rate increases for the in-home industry.  These increases have added tens of thousands of dollars to in-home agencies like yours.  These increases would not have occurred without the strong support of the Missouri Council for In-Home Services.

  • Advocacy:  The Council has been the catalyst for numerous positive changes in the laws, rules, and policies governing the in-home industry.  A few of the Council's successes include:  managed care for the industry was stifled and required co-payments were defeated.  In 2007, the Council initiated a referral system resulting in dramatic reductions in turn around time for referrals to service delivery, better assessments are being performed, and more clients are receiving the care they need.

  • Communication:  Access to information is vital to the success of any in-home agency.  Be amongst the first to know:  changes in program implementation, interpretation of department memos, department staff structure, leadership changes, and referrals.

  • Educational Opportunities A wide variety of educational offerings presented by the Council at discounted rates for members include:  annual conference, teleconference workshops, and on-site presentations addressing timely issues.

  • Networking:  As a Council member, there are countless networking opportunities with fellow providers.  Council members exchange information on best practices, trade secrets, tips for dealing better with clients, and insights into state monitoring and regulation interpretation.

Member Benefits
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