Personal Care Services

Assistance with activities of daily living.  These tasks include general grooming, bathing, fingernail cleaning and so forth.

This service helps family members who are caring for an older relative in their home, by giving them a break or "respite" from caregiving responsibilities.  For caregivers taking care of someone who may need the assistance of a professional, like a nurse, there are advanced respite programs available.

Respite Care Services

Physical Therapy Services

Skilled care provided by a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant under the direction of a PT.

Speech Therapy Services

Skilled care provided by a speech therapist.

Provides personal care assistance services for the Medicaid-eligible consumers with physical disabilities who need assistance with activities of daily living to enter or maintain employment or to live independently.

Consumer Directed Services

An adult day care program provides a gamut of health and social services in a congregate setting, enhancing the daily lives of the program's participants and enabling their continued involvement in the community.

Adult Day Care Services

Skilled care provided by an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant under the direction of an OT.

Occupational Therapy Services

Skilled care provided by a social worker.

Social Work Services

Assistance with daily living activities when such assistance requires the use of devices and procedures related to altered body functions (catheter care, routine care of ostomies, applying medicated lotions, etc.)

Advanced Personal Care

Assistance with household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry that do not involve direct care of the older person.

Homemaker Services

Skilled care provided by a nurse.

Nursing Services

Services provided by or through a hospice program.

Hospice Services

Home Care Services

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